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About United Staff Source

United Staff Source is the trusted resource for expanding organizations. Focused on recruiting employees who have true character and deliver extraordinary results, United has been a trusted partner for leaders requiring talent in nearly every major industry and vertical.  We help to put in place trustworthy and valuable team members that will contribute to your company for years to come.


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Source: McKinsey & Company

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Source: US Dept of Labor

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Source: McKinsey & Company Global Survey
Our Process

Our Process

At United Staff Source we take the time to truly understand your needs, goals and expectations. After evaluation, we create a targeted plan for your assignment. A list of potential candidates is developed that meet or exceed your specifications. After conducting direct personal interviews, we present you with a short list of highly qualified people. You're in control of the decision process and we're continually available to help or advise. We find this approach provides the foundation for strong, long-term partnerships with our clients.

Reduce hiring time and make better decisions


Reduction in Hiring Time
Our sourcing team scales your hiring department immediately, drastically reducing hiring time.


All hires are guaranteed against loss of employment for any reason including termination.  No questions asked.


Just Better
Surveys prove that clients rate hires made through us an average of 26% higher that their previous efforts. 

We find the top talent you need so you can focus on your business.  We have deep networks of passive candidates who would otherwise be unaware of your opportunity.

Screening and interviews
Our team is made up of former business management professionals who are experts in screening and interviewing.  Save countless hours by only considering the best, qualified candidates.

Strategy and Process
From market research, to sourcing, interviewing and scheduling candidates with your team, we manage the entire process ensuring you find the right people fast.

We Find Candidates 
In Your Niche and Vertical


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