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United Staff Source is committed to hiring military veterans and supporting their transition to civilian employment. We believe that the unique skills and experiences gained by veterans through their military service make them valuable assets to our organization.


As such, we have established the following policy to guide our efforts to recruit, hire, and support veteran employees:


We will actively seek out qualified veteran candidates for all open positions, and will prioritize veteran candidates whenever possible.


Recruitment efforts: We make every attempt  to reach out to veteran candidates and encourage them to apply for open positions. This might include posting job openings on military-specific job boards, attending career fairs and networking events for veterans, and partnering with veteran-focused organizations.


Interview and selection process: Managers are trained on how to evaluate veteran candidates and ensure that they are treated fairly and equitably during the hiring process. This includes training for managers and staff on how to effectively assess the skills and experiences of veteran candidates, and on how to address any potential biases that may arise during the hiring process.


Onboarding and support: We provide help to veteran employees to succeed in their roles, such as training programs, mentorship opportunities, and support for transitioning to the civilian workplace. 


We will work to create a welcoming and inclusive culture for all veteran employees, and will encourage all employees to support the integration of veteran employees into the organization.


We will track and report on our progress in hiring and retaining veteran employees, and will make adjustments to our policies and practices as needed to ensure that we are meeting our goals for veteran hiring.


We are proud to support the military community and are committed to being an employer of choice for military veterans.

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